Texas Farmhouse Pottery


Hey, y’all! If you're looking for uniquely designed pieces for your home, Texas Farmhouse Pottery has handcrafted just what you need to fill every room! We have handmade pottery designs that are useful, functional wares such as bowls, mugs, platters, 'n plates, and the lil' extras such as spoons, creamers,
and deviled egg holders. We can stock your rooms and gardens with beautiful decor bowls, wall crosses, candleholders, and sweet succulent pots! The imperfect edge is the signature look you're lovin' these days, and it’s what makes each piece special and one-of-a-kind. Cooks, chefs, and home/kitchen designers all over the world are incorporating these aesthetic pieces in their own works of art. Texas Farmhouse Pottery is different, it’s conversational, and simply, down-to-earth! 

Texas Farmhouse Pottery has the perfect gift for your momma, sister, friend, or co-worker. This Spring
we are having a pop-up event at the Round Top Antique Fair. The official opening day is March 22, but
y’all know the drill…we’ll definitely be there the weekend before. Also, we’ve hand selected 20+ artists
and craftsmen from Texas to come on board and make this one big shindig! 

You’ll want to come early to hand pick your pieces, because we don’t make large, unlimited batches. 
Once it’s gone, you'll just have to wait, but there's always more to come at our next lil’ get-together. 
So y’all come on out to support U.S. made, and here's the best part...10% of every purchase from Texas Farmhouse Pottery will be given to Houston Children’s Charity and As Our Own. 

Our Mission:  We strive to give you great quality, uniquely designed products that are carefully curated
and handcrafted for your home and gift-giving.  We support local businesses and people who work hard
in their craft.  We give back, because our call is to be compassionate to others.  We are Texans, and we
want to make an impact in keeping Texas Strong.

God Bless You,

Carrie & Joe